Patagonia Bioenergia is dedicated to biodiesel production and commercialization with one of the biggest and most efficient plants in the world.

Its plant is located in San Lorenzo, Province of Santa Fe (Argentina), an industrial area that concentrates the country’s oil and biodiesel production.

Patagonia Bioenergia leads Jatropha investigations at a national level. It began its activities using crude soy oil, wich will be replaced by Jatropha oil once available.

The company exports 75% of its production to the most demanding markets of the world. The biodiesel produced by Patagonia Bioenergia possesses the highest international quality moreover throughout the production process we operate in an environmentally responsible way. Since 2010, the company also supplies the domestic market contributing to the diversification of the country's energy grid and improvement of the sustainability of its fuels.

Besides using soybean oil as its principal raw material, Patagonia Bioenergia is developing and improving alternative crops such as the Jatropha and Camelina Sativa, plants capable of producing oil for biodiesel and that can be planted in marginal zones that are not suitable for traditional crops. These achievements in the scientific field have gained the company the recognition of the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), and of investigators linked to Hohenheim University, in Germany.